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The dramatically changed workplace environment has interrupted traditional meeting formats to assist in technical product system selection and potential problem and issue identification associated with selection, detailing and specification.  THOMCO, Inc. (www.thomco1.com) has been a trusted resource for design professionals and contractors in the MidAtlantic Region for over 35 years.  We have been deeply involved in some of the most significant projects in the geography we serve.

We are here to assist you with product and system related technical design, detailing and construction problems in new ways.  You have the vision, we can help you understand how to get it designed, detailed, specified and executed.  THOMCO – offering project review through Microsoft Teams or the virtual meeting format of your choice.

Our expertise lies in roofing, waterproofing, vegetated roofing, amenity decks, storm water management, rain screen cladding and cladding support system, continuous insulation, air barrier and building envelope design.  We are a resource.  Ultimately, we need to connect to help you out, because the answers are deeper than literature, websites and photos. Literally deeper in some cases, it is the underlying assembly and details that enable visions to become reality in an effective and sustainable manner.