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Where protecting the waterproofing/roofing membrane from physical damage, while maximizing the
life expectancy of the assembly is a priority, T. Clear Corp LightGUARD is a time tested solution over
many types of membranes.

Weight a concern? At 4.5 lbs per sf, LightGUARD allows your protected membrane roof (PMR) design to
perform in weight restricted applications.

Stone ballast or pavers not desired or acceptable for your project?  LightGUARD is the ballast solution
that enables PMR design over a variety of roofing assemblies.

Considering roof top solar?  A LightGUARD PMR system is a perfect choice when using solar photovoltaic
cells to capture the suns energy.  LightGUARD protects the roof membrane from punctures and physical
abuse during installation and long term maintenance all while providing long-term energy efficiency.

Need Energy Star compliance?  LightGUARD can be field coated with white finishes to meet those
requirements in a PMR assembly.

Have specific wind design concerns?  LightGUARD assemblies are engineered through full scale wind
tunnel testing, with attachment requirements to comply with varying project and code wind
requirements.  LightGUARD is referenced in and approved by building codes as a ballast choice.

Value roofing system longevity?  Stand the Test of Time!  The Warwick Towers in Houston was built in
1983 and designers went with a HeavyGUARD PMR to protect the roof membrane below.  40 years later,
HeavyGUARD is still protecting the original membrane from hail, rain, thermal shock and more.

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