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Rainscreen cladding a part of your design?  Accomplishing that while meeting or exceeding the energy code and selecting engineered solutions specific to your project demands are likely critical.  Knight Wall Systems is uniquely positioned to solve your design problems with multiple engineered attachment methods thermally modeled to ensure sustainable energy performance and designed to work with a wide variety of insulation options – mineral fiber, rigid insulation, spray foam – and accommodating multiple cladding products, suppliers and installing contractors on a single project or elevation.

Knight Wall Systems.  Cladding and insulation neutral to simply provide solutions for design, engineering and installation flexibility.

KWS ThermaZee® Cladding Attachment

KWS PanelRail® & RevealRail™

KWS MFI® System Cladding Attachment

KWS HCI System Cladding Attachment

KWS CI® System Cladding Attachment

KWS Custom Parts and Fabrication

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