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One Step Air Barrier – WRB Installation and Rainscreen Cavity (3/21/2022)

There are many design applications for which a continuous drainage plane behind the cladding material is critical to moisture removal and long-term envelope performance. @VaproShield RainScreen SA is a self-adhered Air Barrier and WRB membrane with built-in rainscreen drainage matrix, providing superior building envelope protection – high drying capacity (25 perms) allows building materials to dry out, reducing the risk of damage from moisture infiltration, mold, mildew, and rot for the life of the building.

The factory-bonded drainage matrix (3mm or 7mm) maintains an unimpeded vertical drainage plane behind the cladding. Designed for commercial and residential above grade construction applications, RainScreen SA creates a water resistive air barrier and drainage matrix when applied outside of the wall sheathing and behind the exterior wall cladding.

One step air barrier, WRB installation and rainscreen cavity. To continue investigating this technical solution, click here to visit.