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Union Place Phase 2 at 200 K Street in Washington, DC provides incredible luxury apartments to the NoMa neighborhood. The rooftops show off the flexibility of American Hydrotech Protected Membrane Roofing. With a mix of Concrete Paver and Wood Tile Ultimate Assembly® and Garden Roof® Assembly applications, tenants have beautiful rooftop spaces for respite and gathering.

“Whether you’re coming from far away, or journeyed just a few metro stops, at Union Place, you know you’ve arrived. Connecting the distinct personalities of iconic Washington, DC, neighborhoods, Union Place exudes an undeniable sense of arriving, a feeling of being exactly where you need to be, at exactly the right time — no matter how far you’ve traveled to get here.”

American Hydrotech. 50 years of unparalleled waterproofing performance enabling imaginative rooftop experiences: amenity decks, garden goofs, rooftop farming, blue roofs, pet stations, pool decks and much more.

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