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Knight Wall Systems:  Montgomery College Student Affairs and Science Building (1-16-2024)

Energy efficiency drives sustainability goals and long-term operating cost efficiency for owners.  While the glittering and visible stars of sustainability grab the headlines (high performance glazing, integrated sun shading, energy-efficient mechanical system, solar photovoltaics, etc.), Knight Wall Systems products quietly and discreetly do the grunt work, providing the most advanced thermally isolating rainscreen attachment systems on the market today. For the life of the structure.

Knight Wall Systems MFI.  Engineered and thermally modeled to ensure the highest thermal efficiency.  Driven by the unique Thermabracket clip, the MFI assembly outperforms competitive systems.  For custom depths and project requirements, the Thermabracket clip can also be produced in custom sizes to accommodate large dimensions and loading requirements.

Out of sight.  Not glamorous.  But so important to long term operating performance.  Knight Wall Systems.