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Simple, thermally isolated Z-furring that exceeds code, providing up to 95% effective R-value.  The Knight ThermaZee(TM) gives installers and designers the simplicity of what they know.  Z-furring with what they need code compliant thermal performance.  With reduced thermal bridging that rivals modern thermally isolated clip and rail systems, the ThermaZee dramatically increases the rainscreen wall assembly’s performance.  The ThermaZee employs a specially designed, hollow, thermal isolation strip.

Like traditional Z-furring, the ThermaZee can be installed either vertically or horizontally, attached to a variety of substrates such as steel studs, wood studs, CMU and concrete.  A variety of claddings can be attached directly or with secondary rails.  ThermaZee can be specified and purchased as a standalone girt.  Additionally, Knight can provide project-specific engineering if requested.

To find out more about ThermaZee or to specify it for your project, visit ThermaZee Cladding or contact THOMCO, Inc.

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