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The Knight Wall MFI(R) System dramatically reduces the thermal bridging within rainscreen systems using mineral fiber insulation or SPF, while providing limitless design options for building facades; combining energy efficiency, facade versatility, and long term sustainability.

It’s much more than simply specifying a thermally broken system.  The MFI System uses unique thermally isolated Thermabrackets(TM) and ThermaStop(TM) isolation pad, creating one of the most thermally efficient mineral fiber cladding attachment systems on the market today – typically outperforming FRP brackets and rails.

Continuous rails attached to the brackets may be oriented vertically or horizontally for maximum design versatility and quick installation.  Quickly plumb facades during install with an adjustable rail/bracket connection or use KWS unique, self-aligning, structural shims.  The MFI system can be used with or without secondary rails for fiber cement, metal panels, terra cotta, phenolic panels or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and many more.

Knight Wall Systems MFI(R)

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