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Rainscreens provide limitless design options for building facades while controlling moisture and reducing energy consumption.  Knight Wall Systems manufactures versatile, ventilated rainscreen attachment systems that accommodate an expansive array of cladding options and assembly designs.  Knight Wall expertise is focused on the means and methods of attaching rainscreen facade panels to the building while reducing the impact on the insulation (reduced thermal bridging).

That focus uniquely positions Knight to offer multiple cladding neutral attachments solutions that deliver the industry’s highest thermal performance.  Knight Wall combines optimal thermal performance with structurally engineered and warranted assemblies.  Their experience also allows them to provide the design and installation community with broad custom capabilities to solve specific design problems, including non-insulated conditions.

Although cladding attachment assemblies are often relegated to delegated design, it is important to understand options, depth of assembly required for various cladding products and accommodating drawn dimensions, modeled thermal performance and impact on sustainable building performance, and construction problems associated with building configuration and multiple cladding products.  It is also important to understand that simply specifying a thermally broken systems will not likely delivery the installed performance desired.

Looking for cladding attachment solutions?  Look to Knight Wall Systems and Thomco.

Cladding neutral.  Engineered.  3D Thermal Modeling Results.  Custom capability.  Design Assist.