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Flashing Options for Roofing (4-10-2024)

Flashing options for roofing, waterproofing, garden roofs and amenity decks are critical to project specific demands.  As the construction market has evolved and new demands have been placed on making complex roofing and waterproofing projects perform for the life of the structure, American Hydrotech has adapted.  Reroofing, adaptive reuse, amenity decks, vegetated roof assemblies, blue roofs, plaza decks, pool decks and many other roof uses have driven the demand for solutions to address difficult and non-standard conditions while maintaining the longevity and durability expected of American Hydrotech based assemblies.

American Hydrotech MM6125 based assemblies flashing options include the use of MM6125 itself (for concealed applications, MM6125 is ideal for vertical applications),  HydroSeal PMMA, Flex Flash UN uncured neoprene, and Flex Flash MB modified bitumen.

Versatile HydroSeal Resin is a high performance two-component, fast-curing, poly methyl-methacrylate (PMMA) resin.  HydroSeal Resin is combined with HydroSeal Catalyst and HydroSeal Fleece reinforcement to form a monolithic, self-flashing and self-adhering reinforced flashing membrane in conjunction with Hydrotech’s MM6125 membrane and flashing accessories for a variety of conditions that do not allow for typical membrane flashing termination requirements or where a more robust flashing material is desired.  HydroSeal provides a highly durable flashing option with no seams and comes in a variety of finish colors to enhance flashing aesthetics.

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