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Consider This Your Invitation to Join the Party on Rooftop Spaces (3-4-2024)

Amenity decks. Roof top farming. Vegetated roof assemblies. Dog runs. Walking tracks. Restaurants. Bars. Swimming pools. Barbeques. Gathering and quiet spaces. Healing gardens. Water features. Playgrounds. Blue Roofs. Parks. What does your vision look like? We can help you make it work.

American Hydrotech – inviting everyone to the party for over 60 years, and providing the foundation required to allow that party to go on and on. And, as the needs of that space change over time, no need to change what keeps it all functioning and watertight. The MM6125 waterproofing foundation is directly on the deck. Out of harm’s way. For the life of the structure. Just remove and change the layers if the vision for the property changes. No need to remove the waterproofing membrane. Providing the ultimate in flexibility for an ever-changing market.

We are glad so many accepted the invitation and understood that, yes, with the right waterproofing membrane and protected membrane roofing concept in place, you can create whatever you can envision and make that rooftop space work year after year.

A SIKA USA company.

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