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Barrier One Porosity Inhibiting Technology for Exterior and Waterproofing Applications (2-12-2024)

So, why do we wait until concrete floor and roofing slabs are poured before we begin to address problems associated with what will be adhered to those slabs – like flooring and waterproofing membranes?  We always hope that the concrete will be good when poured, but we find ourselves on many projects where the GC and their subs are facing off over so many issues related to moisture driven problems in that slab pour. Most of those problems lead to extended project schedules, added costs for remedies, finger pointing and conflict.

If a flooring or a waterproofing product will be bonded to that concrete surface it makes sense to eliminate the potential for the problem by dosing the concrete mix at the outset.  Replace hope with certainty.

CSXtreme is your solution:

CSXtreme inhibits and blocks the intrusion and penetration of water through concrete, allowing for coatings, sealers, paints, sealers, hot rubber, and other products to be applied in as little as 7-days after concrete placement.  CSXtreme is classified as a Permeability Reducing Admixture for Hydrostatic Conditions (PRAH) as well as an ASR Inhibitor, shrinkage reducer, and corrosion inhibitor.  CSXtreme is used for below grade waterproofing, matt slabs, roofing, tilt-walls, parking decks, retaining walls, warehouse facilities, cold storage facilities, precast, DOT roads and bridge decks.

Get the mix right.  Simple, but so often ignored.  Barrier One has the solutions.

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