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Barrier One – No Headaches (7-9-2024)

If your design calls for lightweight structural concrete decking intended to receive flooring, waterproofing or other coatings, chances are you are going to have retained moisture related issues and associated mitigation costs pre-installation.  It’s a fact.  It’s a headache, and it calls into question the warranty and long-term performance of those coverings.

Remove that possibility at the outset with Barrier One PIA dosing at the batch plant.   Barrier One PIA stops the movement of water within the concrete.

Worried about compliance and evidence that PIA was actually dosed?  We understand.  There is a strong desire to see it after installation.  When Barrier One PIA’s are specified and used, the project team gets verified project performance through project specific daily cylinder collections and testing for permeability, which verifies the performance of the concrete as installed.

Solution.  Verification.  Performance.  Problem mitigation before the problem even has a chance to occur.  No headaches.

Barrier One PIA.