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Barrier One’s comprehensive product line of admixtures is targeted to solve common concrete problems that plague the construction industry.

One of the most critical issues relates to concrete and flooring products.

There is much confusion regarding field moisture testing in the construction industry today.  G.C.s and Flooring Installers express frustration with regards to the lack of definable precision in certified ASTM protocol as they pertain to installations.  Unfortunately, these means, and method test assessments only reference the status of current moisture levels at a point in time in lieu of providing the project team with long-term solutions.  This kind of ambiguity causes frantic RFI’s which lead to expensive budget and scheduling change orders. The owner is left holding the bag.

What to do?

While the flooring industry will always provide material defect warranties for the products produced, specification of Barrier One products offer the GC a simple and legitimate means and methods to bridge the warranty gaps, omissions and resolve flooring adhesion issues.

Simplify and eliminate the ambiguity by utilizing Barrier One Porosity Inhibiting Admixture (PIA).  Barrier One’s Life of the Concrete Warranty guarantees that your floor will not fail due to concrete sourced integral moisture and allows flooring to be adhered in as little as 7 days after the pour.  In the event that it is forensically determined that your flooring failure was exclusively related to integral concrete moisture; Barrier One will replace the floor including both labor and material.

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