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“Michael C. Crow, set the course for a different vision:  the ‘New American University’ model, Crow called it, in which, among other things, the school would measure itself ‘not by whom it excludes, but rather by whom it includes and how they succeed.”  In the Winter 2019 edition of Architecture DC published by the DC Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), an excellent article explains in great detail the impressive architectural undertaking by Core Architecture + Design of realizing the vision of Arizona State University’s goal to become “One university in many places”.  

The Barrett & O’Connor Washington Center at 1800 Eye Street, NW, shows off a unique renovation mixing the old (historic) with the new.  Our favorite is the addition of an 8th floor penthouse with a beautiful terrace filled with Ultimate Assembly(R) Wood Tiles and Planter Cubes along with an Extensive Garden Roof(R) up top!   Check out the pages 42-47 of the magazine.  

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