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American Hydrotech MM6125:  The Perfect Roof.

Imagine a roofing/waterproofing system with no seams.

In the history of waterproofing membranes seams have always garnered lots of attention, and for good reason.  For most systems seams are a critical factor in performance and the industry has seen myriad changes in elements such as seaming technology, techniques, chemistry and sheet size, to mitigate problems associated with seams.  Where there is consistent change and a striving to get better there is a clear underlying problem.

American Hydrotech MM6125 allows another route.  No seams.  None.  Throughout the entire waterproofed area and through the vertical flashing transition.  Where the membrane is covered and protected from UV, the entire vertical flashing is MM6125 – no seams.

Complete application of MM6125 today, come back later and the newly applied membrane simply melts the older membrane and maintains the monolithic characteristic.  This allows MM6125 assemblies to accommodate phased construction and allows flashing details to be completed first, followed by the field.

Millenium Park, Chicago, Illinois. 650,000 sf. MM6125

The Getty Center, Los Angeles, California. 1,500,000 sf. MM6125

Logan Square Café, Philadelphia, PA. 2000 sf MM6125

No seams.  On the deck.  Intuitive.  Simple.  Problem free.  If it is to be buried, it needs to be MM6125.  Want to see more examples?

American Hydrotech 

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