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Can I insulate the inboard side of parapets with an American Hydrotech protected membrane based roof, vegetated roof or amenity deck assembly?

Absolutely, with added benefits.  Providing continuous insulation solutions at roof parapets and protecting vertical flashing from long term mechanical damage is an important design element worth closer scrutiny.   American Hydrotech HydroGuard Concrete Faced Insulation Panels provide an effective and simple solution that can be used with a variety of assemblies, while eliminating the costs and complexity associated with metal flashing trims. Hydroguard panels are 2’x4’ and are typically used vertically to maintain tongue and grove integrity at the panel joints.

The concrete facing and insulation provide excellent long-term protection for flashing from mechanical damage, as well as enhancing life expectancy by concealing the flashing membrane under the insulation.  The facing can be left natural grey or coated with a variety of acrylic coatings to provide desired finish.

Hydroguard may also be used as a lightweight insulated ballast system in the field of the roof.