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American Hydrotech.  Driving the perfect roof for 60 years.

One of the critical characteristics and design elements of MM6125 applications is that it is placed directly on the structural deck with insulation and overburden above.

“The best place for the control layers is to locate them on the outside of the structure in order to protect the structure.”

“Presto: the perfect wall. A water control layer, air control layer and vapor control layer directly on the structure and a thermal control layer over the top of the other control layers…

In a beautiful bit of elegance and symmetry if you lie the perfect wall down you get the perfect roof and then when you flip it the other way you get the perfect slab. The physics of walls, roofs and slabs are pretty much the same—no surprise.”

“The perfect roof is sometime referred to as an “inverted roof” since the rainwater control layer is under the insulation and ballast (i.e. roof cladding). Personally, I don’t view it as inverted. Those other folks got it wrong by locating the membrane exposed on the top of the insulation—it is they that are inverted.”

Building Science Corporation, BSI-001: The Perfect Wall, Joseph Lstiburek, July 15, 2010

Not only does this design allow you to get the physics right, but it also moves the membrane away from all that wants to bother it – UV, physical damage, freeze/thaw, etc.

Putting the roofing/waterproofing membrane in the correct location is just one key element in long term success.

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The right membrane is also critical.

MM6125 – What are the other elements that set it apart and have provided an unparalleled 60-year track record of performance?

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