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We are here to assist you with your technical design and construction problems.

Questions are critical. Our objective is to ask the right questions about your project and design so you understand where the problems lie within our areas of expertise. Our value is in our technical competence and practical experience accumulated over the last 35 years, presented in a way that addresses your problems, and provides access to information that will enable you to make informed choices that lead to outstanding design solutions. You have the vision, we can help you understand how to get it designed, detailed, specified and executed.

Take a look around. Our objective here is to get you started, to share some ideas and problems we have been a part of solving.

Our expertise lies in roofing, vegetated roofing, occupied roof spaces, storm water management, rain screen cladding and cladding support systems, continuous insulation, air barrier and building envelope design. We are a resource. Ultimately, we need to connect to help you out, because the answers are deeper than literature and photos. Literally deeper in some cases. It is the underlying assembly and details that enable visions to become reality.

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An introduction to manufacturers and tackling design problems.


The intersection of design and execution. A collection of examples and thoughts on how to make stuff work.

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What you view as a simple question may reveal much more to us that you may need to know. It may lead to more questions that you had not thought through. Go ahead and ask. We look forward to helping you out.

It would be helpful to have some basic information if you can.

Or, if you prefer, send us an e-mail with any attachments that may be helpful, nancycoddington@thomco1.com , or give us a call at 302-454-0361 or 800-334-0227 and our staff will connect you with a representative that will help you.





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