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Watertight for the life of the structure

Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125® rubberized asphalt membrane has been entrusted for over 50 years with keeping high profile structures across the country and around the globe watertight. With almost two billion square feet of MM6125® installed, Hydrotech is the recognized leader in the protected membrane roofing, waterproofing and vegetated roofing industry.

MM6125 is considered “an effective barrier to the transmission of water…for the design life of the structure.”  

British Board of Agrement, Agrement No. 90/2431 & 90/2432

Long term waterproofing performance should be the end goal for any waterproofing or roofing application – and is economically achievable for your projects with American Hydrotech MM6125.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus https://vinoly.com/works/howard-hughes-medical-institute-janelia-research-campus/


Hydrotech has developed a full range of products, systems and details for roofing, plazas, occupied roofs, amenity spaces, vegetated roofs for storm water control, blue roofs, aesthetics and roof top agriculture, thermal and moisture protection products, drainage systems, The Ultimate Assembly® for plazas, decks and roof amenity spaces to help you achieve a broad variety of design goals and to meet code mandated regulations.  

Bringing your vision to life

Vegetated and occupied roofs and plazas simply make sense – and are only possible with an effective waterproofing product and assembly such as American Hydrotech’s MM6125. Why waste valuable building real estate on a conventional roof when that space provides dynamic opportunities now and in the future with the right assembly and design? These projects can be complicated. THOMCO is here to help you understand how to get there.

DC Apartment building The Apollo architectural image by Jeffrey Sauers of Commercial Photographics, Architectural Photo Artistry in Washington DC, Virginia to Florida and PA to New England Raised gardens and grills and outdoor lounge at The Apollo 900 H Street NE Washington DC

A sampling of finished structures found on architect, owner and builder websites, where THOMCO assistance and expertise was engaged throughout the design, specification, and installation process to develop the vegetated and occupied roof details and assemblies will help you see what is possible. The results are spectacular!

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Roberts Center for Pediatric Research
Tower Health’s Reading HealthPlex for Advanced Surgical and Patient Care
University of Pennsylvania New College House
Princeton Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment
Penn State Millennium Science Complex
THOMCO Project Photos

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care 6th Floor Outdoor Space


University of Pennsylvania New College House East, vegetated roof assembly to meet Philadelphia storm water management regulations.


Simple ballasted MM6125 PMR assemblies on the high rise structures at South of Market Reston allow for roofing systems designed to last well beyond warranty termination dates.

How do I get there?

These great spaces lead to a significant question – how do I simply and effectively design these complicated landscape areas to provide cost effective long-term watertight integrity, meet landscaping and amenity space requirements, comply with storm water regulations, meet code and provide single source responsibility for my clients? To get there it is critical that we coordinate with the entire design team – architect, landscape architect, civil engineer, envelope consultants and others who may be involved. THOMCO and American Hydrotech are uniquely equipped to do that. Our team can assist you through design development, construction document detailing and specifications, storm water focused assemblies (including calc assistance for your civil partners and landscape architect coordination assistance), wind design, FM Global and, ultimately, bidding and construction support. It all starts with the right waterproofing in the right place – American Hydrotech’s MM6125 applied to the structural deck (concrete, plywood or gyp over steel deck).

Keep it simple.

MM6125 has unique properties that allow design to remain quite simple. MM6125 can be used vertically. MM6125 can be used submerged and in zero slope applications – with no negative impact on long term performance or warranty. MM6125 is placed directly on the deck (concrete, plywood, gypsum or cement board over steel deck), then you simply build over it. One of the simplifying details is the cast in place detail often associated with rebar. Place the rebar, waterproof with MM6125, then pour the walls, eliminating problematic flashing details and creating a simple waterproofing application.

The detail is incredibly simple, unique to MM6125, proven effective, and allows tremendous design flexibility for the landscape architect.


Set the rebar and waterproof.


Build the forms.


Pour the walls. Clad the walls or leave them bare.


Beautiful, clean, finished installation.

Where do I go from here?

Call. E-mail. Schedule a meeting followed by an AIA seminar. There is a lot to discuss, but this will get you moving. We will help you understand how to create it and make it work. Asking the right questions is critical. We can help you discover and understand how to resolve problems you had not thought about and we can help you with those problems that are clear at the outset. Let’s get started (click on these bold words to link to e-mail request option).