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WallGUARD Problems Solved

The Solution to insulating exterior foundation walls on rain screen wall assembles: T-Clear WallGUARD

Most rain screen cladding manufactures do not recommend their cladding material be taken to grade level or below grade. In fact, very few wall finish materials allow you to take them to or below grade due to above grade weeping requirements, protection of the finish products from physical abuse at grade as well as deterioration from moisture exposure at or below grade.

So, how best to fill the gap at the foundation wall to allow for continuous insulation?  T-Clear WallGUARD® fills the gap and allows for continuous foundation insulation above and below grade.

WallGUARD® is manufactured using Dow Styrofoam extruded polystyrene insulation, with a factory-applied 5/16-inch latex-modified concrete coating. Panels are 2×4 with tongue-and-groove edges on the 4 length, can be installed vertically or horizontally and provide a robust finish and high moisture resistance. WallGUARD comes in either 2 (R-10) or 3 (R-15) thicknesses of Dow Styrofoam and is attached with a hidden clip system that is provided with each pallet of product.

WallGUARD® insulates and protects areas from just below grade to where your heat lost begins around the exposed area of your building foundation.  Around the slab edge or rim joist is an area that can account for 10% or more of your total heat loss.  WallGUARD stops that heat loss and provides a durable latex modified concrete finish that can stand up to accidental impact. WallGUARD comes standard in a gray concrete broom finish, and can be coated on-site to provide a color or texture match to your exterior design features.





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