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Versatile WallGUARD(R) Concrete Faced Insulation Perimeter Wall Panels (6-5-2024)

With the design community and owners increasingly focused on maintaining continuous insulation, we are frequently asked how to resolve two significant and historically unresolved or unaddressed problem areas on structures:

How do I efficiently and effectively insulate exposed foundation walls – small and large?

When designing with Protected Membrane Roof Systems, how do I insulate the parapet?

T. Clear Corporation has the solution, and it is quite simple.

Versatile WallGUARD® Concrete Faced Insulated Perimeter Wall Panels.

WallGUARD is a 5/16” brushed latex modified concrete facing factory laminated to 2″ (R-10) or 3″ (R-15) of DuPont Styrofoam® extruded polystyrene insulation, produced in 2’x4” panels with a tongue and groove edge on the 4’ side, providing for surface protection and insulation in one easy to install step, saving time and labor.  The latex concrete facing can be left natural grey, or field finished with a latex concrete coating to provide the desired finish and color.

WallGUARD is the solution for Protected Membrane Roof parapet walls, applied over the roof flashing to maintain insulation continuity, protect the flashing material from mechanical damage over time, and enhance the life expectancy of the flashing.

WallGUARD can be used in conjunction with any membrane manufacturer assembly.

WallGUARD is the solution for exposed foundations and can be applied above and below grade.

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