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Indiana Limestone fabricated into Indiana Limestone Company LiteCore composite panels (www.lightlimestone.com) are lightweight by design (5 lbs per sf + with clip and rail) yet fabricated to be stronger than the slab from which they were produced, providing 60 times the impact resistance of traditional dimensional stone.

When considering durability and longevity of the stone, it’s about the stone material itself, not the dimensionality.  When fabricated as a composite panel, LiteCore Panels meet the stringest standards of the NOA for Miami-Dade hurricane building code and are High-Velocity Hurricane-Zone (HVHZ) compliant.

The LiteCore system is a perfect option for commercial applications and a highly durable building material suitable for multistory buildings, rain screen applications, panelized and interior uses.  LiteCore Indiana Limestone composite panels can be quarry matched with dimensional stone to coordinate projects where both are required, and are available from 12″ to 60″ x 9′ (with limited capability to 10′).  Critical to costs are maximizing stone use and panel size as well as the ability to score the stone to create false joints

LIteCore panels are available in small quantities to make them accessible for projects of all sizes.

LiteCore composite panels with Indiana Limestone are available in Full Color Blend, Rustic Buff, Rustic Grey, Standard Buff, Standard Grey and Standard Silver Buff.

LiteCore composite panels are also available in Polycor quarries granite (American Black, Caledonia, Cambrian Black, Bethel White, Barre Gray, Kodiak Brown, Laurentian, Green Picasso, Saint Sabastien, Salisbury PInk), and Massancis Clair, Rocheron’s Dore and Rocheron’s Dore Clair limestone.