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SVK Colormat High Density Fibre Cement Facade Panel (8/25/2020)

The SVK Colormat high density fibre cement facade panel is a natural product through-and-through.  During the production process, the facade panels are fully solution-dyed and autoclaved after pressing.  Colourles impregnation ensures transparent water and dirt repellent protective coating and gives the facade an atmospheric effect.  Colormat is available in two standard formats and in 12 different hues.

Lightly sanded during production, Colormat gives a fine line pattern on the visible side for a contemporary natural look.

Colormat Classic has a slightly sanded surface creating a smooth surface in which a subtle line structure is visible.

Colormat Scripto has a deeply sanded surface resulting in a clear line structure on the visible side.  Depending on the direction of installation, you can create a vertical or horizontal line pattern.  These patterns can be combined to achieve a facade with more depth and character.

Colormat Bando enables additional depth.  Available in both the Classic and the Scripto version, this panel is characterized by its repetitive pattern of 2 mm milled grooves creating the effect of wooden or synthetic slats.  The milled lines are 8 mm wide.

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