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SITURA Sets Industry Standard with Verified EPD!  (4-22-2024)

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By choosing SITURA Joints, you’re not only making environmentally conscious decisions but also providing greener solutions.  Since 1996, SITURA Joint installations have been pioneering sustainability by eliminating the need for fasteners, metal flashings, or wood blocking.  Our joints don’t require solvents for wood treatment, nor do they necessitate wood cant strips or curbs, effectively reducing lumber usage and promoting LEED benefits by ensuring building envelope continuity.  As the first expansion joint company to have a verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), sustainability has been at the core of our operations for years.

Moreover, SITURA is dedicated to maximizing recycling efforts and reducing emissions.  We achieve this by adopting sustainable product shipping practices and minimizing supply chain waste.  Additionally, we offset fabrication and manufacturing carbon usage by sourcing 100% renewable energy.  Join us in our commitment to a greener future!

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