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RevealShield IT (2/20/19)

VaproShield RevealShield IT black, UV stable air and weather barrier membrane provided the perfect solution to conceal the backup assembly from view in the high density fiber cement plank system on architect WDG’s Hyatt Place Hotel at 400 E Street, SW, Washington, DC.  Installed over horizontal Knight Wall Systems MFI D rails, then held in place with Knight Wall black vertical panel rails, RevealShield IT provides continuous concealment behind the open joint planks. 

It also provides a weather barrier and drainage plane over the mineral wool keeping water away from it and allowing it to provide enhanced thermal performance without wetting cycles.  The high vapor permeability of RevealShield eliminates entrapment of moisture and vapor within the assembly.  

Rockwool Technical Bulletin – Open Jointed Rainscreen Systems addresses this design and specifically recommends VaproShield RevealShield.







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