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Moisture is the problem and is evident on so many projects – Barrier One is the solution (4/24/2024)

That simple.

Porosity Inhibiting Technology For Exterior and Waterproofing Applications:

CSXtreme:  CSXtreme inhibits and blocks the intrusion and penetration of water through concrete,
allowing for coatings, sealers, paints, sealers, hot rubber, and other products to be applied in as
little as 7-days after concrete placement.  CSXtreme is classified as a Permeability Reducing
Admixture for Hydrostatic Conditions (PRAH) as well as an ASR Inhibitor, shrinkage reducer, and
corrosion inhibitor.  CSXtreme is used for below grade waterproofing, matt slabs, roofing, tilt-walls,
parking decks, retaining walls, warehouse facilities, cold storage facilities, precast, DOT roads and
bridge decks.

7 days. No concrete moisture related issues. How can that enhance your construction schedule
and reduce your post pour concrete related issues?

Dramatically. Let’s talk.

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