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Millersville University Lombardo Welcome Center (3/15/19)

The Millersville University Lombardo Welcome Center features rain screen wall construction that includes DuPont Performance Solutions 3″ Thermax sheathing and Knight Wall Systems CI girt cladding support system for a true continuous insulation assembly.  This enabled Spillman Farmer Architects to take “every opportunity to squeeze a little more energy-saving potential into the Lombardo Center’s design”.

“Zero energy starts with energy efficiency.  The Lombardo welcome Center is about 60 percent more energy efficient than the other buildings on campus,” says MU sustainability manager Chris Steuer.  “The Lombardo Welcome Center gives us a space to learn about energy-efficient technologies that we can take to other campus buildings.”

Energy from above – Photovaltaics

Energy from below – Geothermal

Energy efficient wall construction – DuPont PBS Thermax Insulation and Knight Wall Systems CI girts.  No gaps.  No Z’a.







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