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Knight Wall Systems – Designed with versatility in mind.

Every project presents its own unique challenges.  New construction projects allow for innovative design freedom while still meeting existing building and energy code requirements.  Meanwhile, retrofit projects often face limitations in adapting to new energy codes, often requiring the use of additional insulation. In such cases, generally, the most efficient place to install additional insulation is the exterior walls of the building.

Knight Wall Systems’ cladding support solutions are designed with adaptability and versatility in mind.  Our systems possess the ability to attach to nearly any substrate including steel or wood studs, concrete, and CMU.  This flexibility enables us to accommodate a wide range of wall system assemblies, including those needing additional exterior building insulation.

Our MFI® D-Series solution offers exceptional value for retrofit projects.  With its adjustable rail, the MFI® D-Series system allows for increased insulation while ensuring that both new and old wall system assemblies remain plumb, delivering a refreshed appearance to any retrofit project.

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