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Cladding Support Assembly – Simple and Economical (2/8/19)

Knight Wall Systems HCI engineered cladding support assembly enables Arbor Terrace Assisted Living and Memory Card – Fulton, MD, to simply and economically come together for cladding installer, CHU Contracting, Inc., Chantilly, VA.  Designed by architectural firm, BCT Architects, Baltimore, MD, to “compliment the landscape and resemble a contemporary residential community or boutique hotel”.  Arbor Terrace features a rainscreen cladding exterior with multiple cladding elements and dimensional changes on a single wall plane, constructed over DuPont XArmor CI continuous insulation wall assembly direct to steel studs.  Knight Wall Systems HCI horizontal girts applied directly over rigid insulation delivers owners the most energy efficient assembly in the industry with 90% to 98% thermal efficiency and backed by a 10-year warranty for engineered assemblies.


Knight Wall Systems accommodated cladding depth changes throughout the wall plane with standard and custom depth panel rails ranging from 1.5″ depth to 3.75″ depth.




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