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Barrier One CSXtreme is specially formulated for exterior applications.  CSXtreme provides corrosion shrink and ASR inhibiting properties and increased strength.  CSXtreme is a demonstrated & certified concrete enhancement technology certified as a Type “S” Waterproofing Admixture (per ASTM C494/C494M Table 1) that also meets AASHTO – M194 requirements.  It is an integral waterproofing agent that produces low – permeability concrete across a wide spectrum of mix designs without the potential of contributing to surface coating / paint delamination.  CSXtreme is typically utilized in retaining walls and water retaining structures such as Water Treatment Plants (WTP) or Waste WTP projects as well as substantial civil / roadway / bridge related projects that require demonstrated integral waterproofing capabilities.

CSXtreme is classified as a PRAH by ACI 212.3 R and is a recommended admix in combatting hydrostatic head pressures found in both below / above grade water retaining structures.  Dosing CSXtreme into your approved mix design provides show cause within 48 hours.  Integument H2O is not required to activate this product.  Bonding agents are not necessarily required to achieve sufficient bond for cementitious overlays or resinous coatings.  CSXtreme compliments natural autgenous crack healing attributes present in many mix designs while improving other engineering qualities such as flexural / compressive strength gain, shrinkage reduction, freeze thaw resistance, corrosion resistance, chloride resistance and carbonation resistance.  CSXtreme hydraulic conductivity pressure resistive capabilities have been certified through independent US Corp of Engineers CD – 48 testing.  CSXtreme has been NTPEP tested / AASHTO certified and approved by many state DOTs.

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