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Barrier One PIA.  The solution.  (4-19-2024)

Sound familiar?  Concrete deck or floor slab or deck and structural topping slab for slope.  The deck or floor slab has too much moisture in it (with multiple potential causes), the moisture cannot get out or get out in a reasonable time.  The moisture has created problems in the concrete surface requiring it to be scarified down to an acceptable condition.  A vapor barrier has been installed and residual moisture in the deck drives to the interior.  Moisture related issues in the deck require an expensive epoxy to be applied to lock in the moisture and allow waterproofing to be applied.

Time.  Money.  Frustration.  We are sure you have your own similar stories.  We run into it often and are scrambling to help subs and GC’s find a resolution.

All avoidable with a simple batch plant solution.  Let’s get the story right up front.

Barrier One PIA.  The solution.  It’s that simple.  Guaranteed.  Call us.  Let’s get technical and get this resolved before it’s a problem on your next project.  Share your stories with us and we will help you with the solution.

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