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Barrier One PIA (Porosity Inhibiting Admix) is a sodium silicate free complex formula.  With Barrier One PIA in the concrete, you render the slab non-hygroscopic.  Because Barrier One PIA helps shut down the capillary and pore structure, the molecules of moisture have nowhere to go.  The concrete remains dense, unable to shrink.  Corrosion is also no longer an issue as imbedded metals are protected from moisture movement that would typically cause the metal to rust.

Testing is a big part of our process.  Barrier One PIA includes daily testing on every project to ensure your concrete is working as designed. MVRAs can’t offer such a high level of independent research.  If you are told otherwise, simply ask for the testing data.

Tracer technology is also a part of Barrier One PIA.  When you specify a product, are you one hundred percent certain your concrete was dosed properly?  With Barrier One, you can rest assured that our product is in the concrete because it includes a quantifiable tracer. With this tracer, we can determine how much Barrier One PIA is in the mix design and ensure it was dosed properly.  This ensures that as a firm that specifies Barrier One PIA, you know the product is in the project.

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