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American Hydrotech: Spotlight on Cielo in Washington, DC

Completed in 2023, Cielo (300 M Street NE, Washington DC) is a 426-unit multifamily apartment building located in the vibrant and growing neighborhood NoMa. Cielo features over 87,000 sf of extensive outdoor amenity spaces, vegetated roofing and waterproofing built on the critical waterproofing foundation provided by American Hydrotech MM6125 based assemblies.

From WDG Architecture:

“From the beginning, the design team for Cielo focused on creating a project that would be sustainable and timeless and meet the needs of the community. By collaborating with members of the community and stakeholders throughout the life of the project, Cielo delivers a level of targeted design and development that far exceeds what had been previously developed in the neighborhood. Taking the intended product from the owner’s perspective and blending it with the needs and aesthetics of the project location was challenging, but yielded a finished design that proved the value of the partnerships formed locally and the willingness to listen to what was needed.

Certified LEED Gold, Cielo achieved a high level of sustainable and efficient design. This included optimized, water-efficient fixtures, appliances, and landscaping, responsible stormwater control and construction waste management, extensive green roof, and over-achieving energy performance buoyed by abundant natural light. Additionally, high marks for indoor environmental quality and the inclusion of recycled, locally sourced, and low-emitting materials and finishes over and above the required amount allowed the design to outpace even the ambitious prerequisites set for it by the USGBC.”

Architect: WDG Architecture

Owner: LCOR, Inc

Contractor: Hitt Contracting Inc.

Garden Roof Assembly, Ultimate Assembly, Waterproofing by Prospect Waterproofing.