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Custom roof top planters can be used to create unique and interesting amenity spaces.  Taking them from concept to construction can be a difficult proposition.  They have to be bolted down in some fashion which can create waterproofing problems.

Setting rebar in epoxy or casting it in place, then pre-detailing with American Hydrotech MM6125 followed by poured concrete curbs to support the custom planters, allows design freedom.  Drains can be placed within the planters or foam knockouts can be cast into the curbs to allow drainage.  Want to run lighting or irrigation into the planter?  No problem.  Utilities can be accommodated by casting conduit or PVC piping into the curb.   Need to add a light pole within the planter area?  No problem.  Use the same concept to pour a single block curb wherever needed to support that light pole.  Run the electric utilities through cast in conduit.  The concept can be applied to many rooftop amenity structures you may contemplate.

Simplify the design and detailing for efficient and effective long-term watertight integrity.  Creating a blank canvas for your creativity.