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American Hydrotech – MM6125 Characteristics (8-24-2023)

American Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125® (MM6125®) is a thick, tough, flexible, self-healing hot fluid-applied membrane for use in waterproofing and roofing applications. MM6125 is a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers. MM6125 has been successfully used worldwide by leading architects, engineers and owners on all types of horizontal and vertical structures including plazas, amenity decks, vegetated roofs, parking decks, planters, tunnels, bridges, mud slabs, foundation walls and roof areas…establishing an unbeatable track record of 60 years!

Time is the harshest critic. These are some of the characteristics that continue to drive the unprecedented success of MM6125:

MM6125 is a thermoplastic material – one component, 100% solids; no solvents means no on-site cure failures, no two part mixing and no VOC restrictions.

MM6125 conforms to all surface irregularities and bonds tenaciously to an acceptable substrate (i.e., concrete, steel, wood, etc.) restricting the lateral migration of water between the membrane and substrate.

MM6125 is completely monolithic, no seams!

MM6125 is typically installed at 215 mils thick in the fabric reinforced assembly. This is more than three times thicker than most other waterproofing membranes. Thickness is an important benefit in that MM6125 exhibits the ability to self-heal and better accommodate developing cracks in a concrete substrate.

MM6125 can be installed at temperatures as low as 0 °F (provided the substrate is clean, dry, free of snow and frost).

MM6125 detailing is simplified, with triple protection at all critical locations.

MM6125 can be installed in dead level applications. The membrane can withstand and perform in submersed water conditions and is fully warrantable, making MM6125 the perfect membrane for no slope decks, water features, pools and vegetated roofs.

MM6125 has a minimum 40% recycled content; validated by UL.

MM6125 is placed directly on the deck, with insulation and overburden placed above, protecting the membrane from physical damage over time and moving all moisture and vapor related issues outside the building envelope.


Providing the foundation for watertight integrity for the life of the structure.

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