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Close to many tourist spots, sports arenas, historical monuments and museums in the Navy Yard area of Southeast Washington, DC, the commercial office building at 1015 Half Street has been considered a welcome architectural masterpiece by many.

Designed by WDG Architecture, this modern, airy structure quickly attracted a number of businesses, retail and food operations due to its convenient location, use of recycled building materials, massive parking options and overall stunning facade.  The structure originally featured a 20,000 sf intensive green roof, which was then converted into an urban agricultural environment in April 2017.

This revamped American Hydrotech Ultimate and Garden Roof Assembly now produces tomatoes, peppers, greens and a variety of cut flowers.  The rooftop farm is managed and operated by Up Top Acres, an organization that distributes food and other products from rooftop farms to co-ops, restaurants and markets in the greater D.C. area.